ABG Anesthesia Data Safety Group, LLC  (ADSG)  was established in 2002 and is a clinical data warehouse which as of June , 2011 has over 2 million clinical records and administrative data.  All data are submitted electronically in a patient de-identified manner to our secure website.  ADSG is  a HIPAA compliant organization.

The goal of ABG’s PSO initiative is to create a robust clinical registry that provides benchmarking, best practice information and value to the professionals who submit data to the registry.  As a Federally qualified PSO,the database  has the double protection of not only confidentiality, but is legally privileged and thus data contents may not be disclosed outside of the ABG protected environment.   This key protection allows those who contribute data to have confidence that they are participating in a secure data warehouse for the collection, aggregation and analysis of data to enable the identification and articulation of practice patterns  that will lead to the further reduction of patient care risks and thus improve safety and outcomes.

Clinical data is currently contributed by over 150 clinicians and providers from all over the United States.  Data must be submitted electronically and will contain both clinical data elements and administrative data. Reports are produced on a monthly basis.  The analysis of the data is designed by the ABG Data Group consisting of Executives and Physician leaders of the ABG.

Details on clinical data submission may be obtained through contact with David Landry.